You have discerning taste, an appreciation for the rare and you know how to indulge.

Uniquely beautiful. One of a kind.

I live a healthy, active lifestyle focusing on my body and mind during daily meditation and yoga. I live for the written word and can always be found writing down my own musings or getting lost in a book. I love discussing literature, music and an array of subjects- my favorite topics being sensuality, intimacy and passion.

Allow me to be your muse.

I am told I have a very soothing, relaxed presence. I bring a calm sensuality to all that I do. Don't worry though, I am ready to be the spark that ignites a flame of playful, lively passion. Get lost with me. Get lost deep in conversation, exploration and pleasure. Dive in to a connection that soothes your sensual desires and need for physical expression. My looks have already caught your attention, my presence will keep you coming back for more.

5 feet 7 inches barefoot
34" x 26" x 36"
Natural 32DD
Dress Size
Shoe Size
1 dog, 2 cats
Favorite Color
Favorite Food
Sexual Orientation
Turn Ons
Well Groomed, Well Spoken and Glasses!
Turn Offs
Bad Hygiene, Bad Attitudes and Tardiness!
English, Basic French (Can you help me improve?)



I understand the importance of being discreet, however, for my safety I do not meet anonymous individuals. There are many different ways to screen. The most discreet is a reference from another beautiful woman like me. Please provide a link to her current ad or website along with the contact info and name she has for you. The fastest screening method is a link to your LinkedIn or similar professional profile. There are also other available screening methods, don't hesitate to ask.


Both my time and yours are extremely valuable. In addition to being an avid reader and writer, I live an active lifestyle that includes friends, family and volunteer work! I will always respond to messages in a timely manner and expect a similar courtesy. With that being said, communication should be limited to scheduling appointments. While I do genuinely enjoy my time with clients, I do not meet "just for coffee" or "just for lunch". When we have an appointment, I will always be on time for our scheduled meeting and expect the same courtesy. If you need to cancel an appointment- that's okay, however, canceling too close to our appointment may result in forfeiture of your deposit. I understand that you have many choices when selecting a companion- all very beautiful though, none as capable of cultivating and engaging in your desires.


You can come to me at my home in So. Scottsdale. Located conveniently off the 101 you can quickly slip away from the bustle of the everyday with me. Feel free to park in the driveway when you arrive.My home is equipped with a fully stocked bar and full full sized projector screen for your viewing pleasure. You don't have to miss the game to enjoy an evening together. There is truly, everything you need to allow yourself to slip away into fantasy with me. My boudoir is beautifully decorated. I will be the only thing in the room softer and more luxurious than the bed. I have taken great care to create the perfect environment of comfort and sensuality for our rendez-vous.


I hope you are selective and have high expectations for the company you choose. I know you have a busy work schedule, personal life, as well as many companions to choose from and I appreciate your taking the time to get to know me through my website. In my looks, in my demeanor and yes, in my booking rates, I have taken every effort to separate myself from the rest. My hope is that you and I will have a truly one-of-a-kind experience that keeps you coming back for more. Peaceful yet passionate, sweet and sensual. Whether I come to you or you escape to my South Scottsdale boudoir,   you are sure to find pleasure with me by your side.



Depending on my comfort level and the screening information provided I may request a small deposit for our time.
Bookings that require travel beyond 50mi round trip or air travel will need a deposit to secure our adventure. The deposit amount is dependent on travel distance/duration. The balance is to be paid upon arrival to our appointment, in cash.
[Non-cash payments can be arranged for trusted clients with advanced notice. Non-cash payments are an additional 25%]

  • 1 hour - 1000 My Place / Your Upscale Home/Hotel
  • 2 hours - 2000 My Place / Your Upscale Home/Hotel
  • 4 hours - 3000 My Place / Your Upscale Home/Hotel
  • *8 hours - 4000 Your Upscale Home/Hotel
  • *12 hours - 6000 Your Upscale Home/Hotel
  • *24 hours - 8000 Your Upscale Home/Hotel


Are you interested in me accompanying you on an adventure or activity that requires quite a bit of public time? Perhaps an Adventure Booking is for you. Adventure bookings are longer dates where we get to enjoy one another’s company as we enjoy an experiences as well. Whether we hit the golf course, enjoy a lovely dinner, a charity/corporate event or indulge in a night of theater- we will retreat back to our own private world for some one on one time.

  • 4 hour Adventure
    2.5-3 hrs public time and 1-1.5hrs private time
    Perfect for dinner outings or charity/corporate events
  • 8 hour Adventure
    6-6.5 hrs public time and 1.5-2hrs private time
    Perfect for a round of golf or an evening at the theater
  • 12 hour Adventure
    9-10 hrs public time and 2-3 hrs private time
    Perfect for a day of exploring museums, enjoying local cuisine or doing multiple activities in one day!


Couples are an additional 500 per booking. I am bisexual and I love being able to express my bisexuality with a couple. I love helping to celebrate a milestone or anniversary, make a fantasy come true or to be "the first" for the bi-curious lady in your life. I'm very outgoing and friendly. I love sharing! Everyone involved is certain to feel at home and get lost in pleasure.

Don't have a partner? Now offering duos! Click on the Duos tab for more information about an experience with me and one of my lovely friends.

Not in my area? Fly me to You! Requires a minimum 2 hour booking, travel expenses (hotel and airfare as applicable) and a 50% deposit to confirm the Fly Me to You booking. I am Passport Ready, an excellent travel companion and would love to join on your next trip.




The Emmy Experience redefines the traditional experience, time spent with me is truly one of a kind. For the discerning gentleman seeking genuine companionship, I'll go to the ends of the world to accommodate your wishes. I'm often complimented on my enchanting emerald eyes, soft blonde locks, and my amazing natural curves. My smile is warm, and my giggle is infectious.

Aili and I go together like cookies and cream. Perfectly! Her edgy look and tanned skin goes perfectly with my milky skin and naughty, all-American girl look. We are both bisexual and love to please. Her sensual nature is balanced by my bubbly, pornstar personality! We can’t wait to meet you so we can be your new favorite dessert.



Mya Kawaii, your kawaii cutie. I’m your real life anime character, a manga babe. I’m a petite, tattooed with long raven hair. I’m half Vietnamese and have the exotic look to go with it. In my free time, I love to paint, draw and express myself creatively through art. Don’t let my sweet look fool you, I’m edgy and outspoken - I know how to have fun.

Chocolate and chili - an exotic combination for those who love the thrill of something new combined with something they know they love. We are both bold and exotic. Aili is deeply sweet and sensuous like chocolate while my spicy attitude adds the kick we need to get things going.



Underneath the emerald satin is her less romantic and more provocative nature. A woman with an exotic-tinged tale and a hint of Parisian joie de vivre. Conceived in the US, raised by the world. My life has been one of nomadism, wandering the earth and living abroad in search of life's next adventure. I thrive on worldly knowledge, exhilarating experiences, and sincere connections.

As a curator of connection, Aili and I approach meeting from the same place. Warm, sensuous and waiting to be explored; we welcome you into our realm of passion, desire and exploration. Worldly and cultured. Exotic and rare. Like fine wine, a taste only for a refined palate- cacao and cardamom. Sweet heat with an earthy depth.



Edie Jeanne, the beautiful Bostonian red (all over 😉) head you’ve always wanted to meet—whether you’ve known it or not! I’m highly educated, yet very down to earth and easy-going. I’m very sensual, comfortable with my body and come with none of that off putting pretentiousness that comes with intelligence! Best of all — I’ve been told so many times I couldn’t recall that a meet with me has literally changed a person’s life for the better.

I love duos. I am bisexual by nature, the real thing...not some transparent act that’s all too common these days. Aili and I have a synchronicity together the likes of which are so steamy, lustful and downright sublime it’s beyond compare. Let us invite you to experience us together—a night of hedonistic indulgence you will NEVER forget. A pairing as classic as chocolate covered strawberries; all we’ll need is you and some champagne.


I love chatting, though, no matter where we are in the booking process, explicit/sexual conversation will remove all chance of meeting. Please, keep conversation classy.

I will reply to your booking request as soon as I am able, within reasonable waking hours. Once I reply, screening has been completed and we are able to connect a deposit will be needed to secure our time together.